SnappyXO Robotics Kit Bundle X10

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  • 10 SnappyXO Robotics Kits for budding roboticists!
  • Includes parts from the SnappyXO Invention Kit and many more
  • Learn to design, build, and program Arduino-based robots, such as wheeled robot cars, walking robots, robot arms, and many more. 
  • All project build instructions, lesson plans, and instructor’s material will be provided through our website at
  • Access to the world’s first robot motion design app MotionGen on the web
  • Includes a huge range of SnappyXO parts precision laser-cut out of durable Delrin plastic with electronics to help you build robots
  • Online Comprehensive Lesson Plans and schedules for 8 weeks of Camp
  • Online Professional Development written instructions for your staff
  • Online Program Options, Implementation and Marketing Outreach Recommendations for your Camp and Year-Round Program
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Included Items

  • SnappyXO hardware (X10):
    Contains a large number of SnappyXO beams, plates, gears, pinions, wheels, mounts for Arduino, motors, sensors, batteries, breadboard, etc., rods, ping pong ball, O-rings, caster, steel ball, L-, C-, H-, V-connectors, and many more  
  • Electronics for invention kit (X10):
    Contains Arduino Uno, two DC motors, two continuous rotation servos, one servo, breadboard, ultrasonic sensor, limit switches, potentiometer, switches, pizzo buzzer, wires, LEDs, resistors, photocells, 4xAA and 9V battery holder, switch, battery snaps, and many more

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