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About The Extreme STEAM Science Kids Robotics Program

The Extreme STEAM Science Kids Program is a one-of­-a­-kind educational program designed for first through fifth graders, geared to stimulate curiosity in Robotics, Coding and STEAM education. With the Extreme STEAM Science Kids Robotics Program, children will learn how to think critically, hone their creative design skills, and build their confidence in tackling a new understanding of their universe all while having fun! The Extreme STEAM Science Kids Robotics Program is designed for 1st-5th grades.

ESSK for Camps

By incorporating the Extreme STEAM Robotics Program into your overall camp program you have the ability to attract other demographics to your camp.  The traditional camp activities will always be important because that is what defines your camp, but now is the time to expand into the 21st century where your campers will develop, grow and live their lives.  The Extreme STEAM Robotics Program can be offered as a stand-alone activity, in combination with a full day program, before or after camp program and after school program.

ESSK for Schools

The Extreme STEAM Science Kids Robotics Program is an excellent hands-on approach to integrating technology into any elementary school curriculum. It immediately immerses students into the world of robotics giving them the opportunity to learn:

  1. How a robot works
  2. How a robot interacts with its environment
  3. How to create a program to make the robot complete a task
  4. How to tackle a challenge

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