ESSK Perks Program

A Fantastic Benefit for Your Staff.

An Amazing Experience for Their Children.

Is your staff working at home?

So many parents are currently working at home and struggling with keeping their children occupied in worthwhile pursuits during their working day. ESSK V-Camp offers your staff a “campified” at-home program for their children which will keep them entertained and engaged while they are working. 

What is  ESSK V-Camp?

The Best Online Summer Program For Learning and Fun!

All Live Instruction and Collaboration In Small Groups. All You Need is a Chrome Browser or Chromebook!

ESSK V-Camp is filled with “Campified” experiential, hands-on learning, collaboration, excitement, and cutting-edge topics in Robotics. With a guaranteed max staff to camper ratio of 1:10 and live online instruction provided by our trusted, top-notch instructors, ESSK V-Camp is the premier online tech camp experience for campers ages 6 to 11. 

What is the ESSK Perks Program?

The ESSK Perks Program is a program in which all staff from ESSK Perks Program partnering companies or organizations receive a 10% discount off of all ESSK V-Camp programs.

There is no cost to your company and we will do all the work for you!

How to Inform Your Staff About the ESSK Perks Program Benefits

We would like to make disseminating the information to your staff and their families as easy as possible for you. We’re Here to Help!

Easy ways to get the word out about The ESSK Perks Program:
  1. We can send you a PDF of the ESSK Perks flyer to print and display at your office
  2. You can send out emails to your staff about The Park Shore Perks Program
  3. You can post the information about The ESSK Perks Program on your organization’s website
Please let us know how we can assist you! We truly appreciate the relationship we are building together and want to thank you for your participation in the ESSK Perks Program.

How do members of your staff register for an ESSK V-Camp class and receive their discount?

We will supply you with a unique coupon code for your company that you will disseminate to your staff that they can utilize when they register.

A Win Win For Everyone!

Incorporating the ESSK Perks Program as part of your organization’s benefits will positively enhance your employer brand proposition by offering perks that are directly aligned to an enriching quality program.  Your employer brand will be strengthened, your employees and potential hires will view your company as one who extends a variety of benefits to the family as a whole.

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