ESSK Together With Girl Scouts

Programs For Ages 6-18

The Girl Scout Experience is based on empowering girls to master their potential. Girl Scouts is a place where she’ll 

  • Practice different skills
  • Explore her potential
  • Take on leadership positions
  • Even feel allowed to fail, dust herself off, get up, and try again. 

ESSK offers a completely virtual experience, where girls can learn about STEAM and the benefits of participating in programs created around this topic. 

The ESSK/Girl Scout Models

Earn Your Coding for Good 1 Badge and Robotics 1 Badge by completing our Virtual Robotics Class

A Taste Of Coding & Programming

  • One Day Session / 1.5 Hours
  • 10-100 Girls via Zoom
  • Multiple Sessions Available
  • Ages 6-12

Our Virtual Robotics Classes are infused with fun while learning how to use coding to make a virtual robot move through a 3D environment. The instructor facilitates the girls if needed to ensure that they achieve success. During this session the girls will be working on:

  • Coding and Programming
  • Problem Solving
  • Critical Thinking
  • Collaboration
  • Confidence Building

We infuse the Girl Scout culture through these sessions and can customize our program to accommodate the needs of different Girl Scout Councils. 

Virtual Robotics with Dash’s Neighborhood

  • 3-week program/Once Per Week/ 2 Hours Each Week
  • 10-12 Girls via Zoom
  • Multiple Sessions Available
  • Ages 6-12

Within this 3 week session, the girls will be participating in 2-hour classes that focus on a new skill within the Blockly Program. A certified instructor will facilitate the girls to ensure they are successful. Each class will focus on a daily challenge where the girls will create code to create a program that completes the challenge. They will focus on efficiency within coding,  problem solve, critically think, along with sharing and collaboration. These essential skills will help the girls develop their self-esteem and overall confidence. 

Ambassador Program

This is an amazing opportunity for the senior girls within your council to work on their Leadership requirements. These girls will be trained by an ESSK certified trainer to be able to run virtual sessions of their own. They will work closely with the ESSK trainers to learn the curriculum and the virtual simulator. Once they are trained they will be able to run the sessions for the younger Girl Scouts and build their leadership skills. They can use these skills on their future resume as well as on their college applications. 

Any of our programs can be customized to fit into a specific need of a Girl Scout Council. ESSK provides registration via our website if needed and will provide any registration information including logos of anything further that would be needed. 

Please contact Jennifer at: or (727) 871-6229 for further information. We look forward to helping the Girl Scouts grow, flourish, and become the best version of themselves. 

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