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The History of Extreme STEAM Science Kids

Extreme STEAM Science Kids was created in 2011 by Bob Budah, the owner of Park Shore Country Day Camp and School.  It was his strong belief that children need to be engaged with hands-on, stimulating and exciting science activities in order to acquire the 21st-century skills needed to help navigate the world in which they will live.  By learning how to tackle a problem, create a hypothesis, work on a solution, applying a set of skills, testing and retesting, children immerse themselves in a world filled with exciting challenges and life long lessons.  This process includes collaborative teamwork, critical thinking, creativity, and adaptability. With the world moving faster every day and changes taking place right in front of us, it is imperative that children acquire these skills at an early age.

Bob has created a science laboratory for his summer program complete with a cave filled with 180-gallon fish tanks, marine touch tank and reptiles, and robotics, engineering and science labs.  The entire three-story facility is state-of-the-art in order to give the children who attend a realistic experience.  In addition, he built a Hydroponics Grow Lab where boys and girls learn how to grow food using water and nutrients and no soil.  Each class is taught by experienced instructors with a strong background in their specific scientific field.

The Extreme STEAM Science Kids Programs

The Future of Robotics Programs at Recreational Facilities

The Extreme STEAM Science Kids Programs are now being offered to camp facilities and has grown in popularity and is now at several other locations in addition to Park Shore.  Bob has created exciting experiences for all the schools that visit the Pigeon Key Foundation in the Florida Keys in addition to several school districts, Gold Coast Performing Arts Center, New Tampa YMCA, private schools, and after-school programs.

Bob’s background as a marine biology undergraduate, elementary teacher, Disney graduate and owner/director of The Park Shore Country Day Camp, School and Science Academy for over 40 years has enhanced his ability to create and develop exciting and stimulating programs for children. The Extreme STEAM Programs take children into the world of STEAM.  The 21st Century Skills so necessary for their future success are enhanced as they strengthen their critical thinking, collaborative teamwork, creativity, and adaptability skill set.

The Extreme STEAM Programs come complete with all the Curriculum and Activities, Scheduling, Program Options & Implementation, Marketing Outreach Recommendations, and Professional Development Videos and written instructions to train your staff and run a very engaging and exciting STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) program.

Extreme STEAM Science Kids is the proud sponsor of The Pigeon Key Foundation, The Turtle Hospital, and The Dolphin Research Center in Marathon Key, Florida.