ESSK Engineering V-Classes

Virtual Engineering Classes For Children Ages 6-11


The Best Online Program For Learning and Fun!

All Live Instruction and Collaboration In Small Groups.

The ESSK Virtual Engineering Programs 

  • Three-Week Program
  • Two Hours/Week
  • $195
  • For Boys and Girls Ages 6-11
  • Cutting-Edge Virtual Engineering Class
  • Proprietary Expert Curriculum 
  • Talented Instructors
  • Live Instruction
  • Design Process Exposure
  • Hands-On Learning
  • Maximum Convenience
  • New Friends and Connections
  • Building Confidence

ESSK Engineering allows students to build real working projects where they can learn and grow through experimentation, redesign and even struggle. Designs are easily created and modified. There is no perfect design, so students are never done. Students learn more from their 2nd, 3rd, 4th designs than they did from their first.

The difference between using recycled materials only and not specific engineering pieces is that recycled materials lack precision, accuracy and the capacity to isolate variables. Without data children struggle to understand why they need to learn math and science in school. With ESSK and the pieces we use, children will start to see how the changes they make to their design directly impact the resulting performance. The findings will spark interest and speculation, leading the children to continue designing with changes that apply the learning of math and science concepts. 

Fun Learning Atmosphere

Our Virtual Engineering Classes aren’t just about learning. The ESSK V-Class Program was developed by Camp Professionals with over 50 years of experience who have created an engaging virtual environment peppered with fun real world design challenges. Each day’s activities will promote learning as well as collaboration, friendship, and fun.

Learning And Creativity Don’t End!

Learning and fun don’t end when class is over. Our ESSK Team has developed fun extension design challenges for all levels. Children can follow pdf instructions on how to build or they can develop their creativity by completing additional projects focusing on real-world applications.

Success and Fun Start Here with ESSK Engineering

ESSK V-Class is filled with experiential, hands-on learning, collaboration, excitement, and cutting-edge topics in Engineering fostering 21st-century skills. With a guaranteed max staff to child ratio of 1:10 and live online instruction provided by our trusted, top-notch instructors, ESSK V-Class is the premier online engineering experience for children ages 6 to 11. If you enjoy being creative and challenged, you belong here. 

Get excited! We are launching The ESSK Engineering V-Program, an online virtual engineering program that will provide endless opportunities for exploration, creativity, and design process development for our ESSK campers and students. ESSK campers and students will step into our virtual world where they will be met with a certified instructor. They will become familiar with the design process and the steps they will follow to complete various real-world challenges. Children will be exposed to learning about simple machines and how these machines are helpful throughout the real world. Using the skills they develop they will design a solution to the presented problem by the instructor. They will have the opportunity to explore the engineering pieces and understand how they work together to create gears, pulley systems and so much more. 

ESSK takes students away from the mentality of “why do we have to learn this” and “this is boring” to “I get it and aha!” They walk away with valuable skills that they can bring back to their classroom and the real world.

Virtual Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Stay Connected!

Extreme STEAM Science Kids was created BY CAMP PROFESSIONALS and has been offering summer science programming to camps for many years. We have now added the ESSK Virtual Programs so that your child can learn, stay connected, collaborate, and have fun – all from the comfort of their own homes. They won’t miss a beat of fun, education, and entertainment – just like in camp!


What Our Families are Saying

The girls loved the class and they both are so sad that it ended. We only wish that more virtual classes will be offered in the future. It’s such a great learning experience for the kids and realistically, it will prepare them for the workforce in the future.

T. Pham, Campers Cecelia and Stella


Tristan really liked the program and Jasmine was great especially with him being a new reader. Please add us to any emails about upcoming course options in the future.  We really appreciate all the effort that was put into this.

Brown, Camper Tristan

The camp was simply fantastic. Laura was loving it. Taylor kept the kids engaged and interested. Provided good opportunity for having fun – as well as stimulation for kids to do problem-solving and get the feeling of accomplishment. Perhaps the best sign of how much Laura liked it – we signed up for Week #2, towards the end of July. Thanx!!!

Powalka, Camper Laura

Laura was very happy with her first day of the workshop. She was proudly showing off and explaining her programs. And she wants to do the extra activities, too! Laura continues to enjoy the camp. This is both about the programming, but also spending time with other kids, and Taylor – she’s doing an amazing job!


Myles really enjoyed the class…so much…we’d like to get him signed up for next week as well!

Scottsdale, AZ

Thank you so much! Matthew, Lauren and Andrew had a great time last week!  They enjoyed the challenges, learned a lot, and loved working with Jasmine!

Amy, Campers Matthew, Lauren and Andrew

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