Dynamic Dash!!

Robotics and Coding Activities for Curious Kids

For children in grades K-6

This program includes activities to teach, inspire and excite your children in a fun and educational format.

These activities are provided free of charge from ESSK. We hope that your children enjoy and learn from these valuable activities.

You will need to purchase the Dash Robot before starting this free program.  Click here to purchase now. In addition, you will need a compatible device that can be used to make the Dash Robot work.  Click here for the compatible device list. Most smartphones can also be used with this robot.

Welcome to the ESSK Dash Robotics program!  This is an excellent activity for boys and girls in Kindergarten – 6th grade to get their initial understanding of what a robot is and how it can be programmed to perform different functions.  These activities can be done by all these ages and as the activities become too easy for older boys and girls they can move onto the Blockly activities which take more understanding and ability.   We have put together an abbreviated package of videos and activities to explain how the Dash robot works with the different applications that are used to make it move. Parents are encouraged to watch these videos before working with their children, so they can get an understanding of the Dash Robot and how they can help their children while they participate in these exciting and engaging activities.  Older boys and girls can watch the videos on their own and tackle the activities and/or help their younger siblings with the activities which would help their parents.

These activities are designed to be cumulative and build upon each other.  As boys and girls build their skill level they can tackle more challenges and then create their own.  Parents and older siblings are encouraged to create different challenges with each lesson. Be creative and try to make your children think on their own.  The Dash Robot works best on a hard flat surface.

As you become familiar with these lessons always feel free to create your own exciting activities using the different applications. See if your child can create their own. The Dash robot becomes addictive and will create many hours of fun with learning. Enjoy!