Helping Camps Go Virtual During The Camp Season and Throughout the Year

Join Us On August 5, 2020

7pm-8pm EDT

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Join Us for Our ESSK V-Camp Webinar!

In this webinar, you will have the opportunity to learn from and get answers from two experts in the camp and education industries to help your camp go virtual as well as develop programs throughout the year.

As camps are in the midst of the 2020 camp season, and with the continued concerns about COVID19, many are still looking for additional options to stay connected with their campers, bring in needed revenue, and offer programs in addition to or in lieu of the traditional day or residential camp models. 

We are excited to share with you ways to help create a virtual offering that will not only allow you to connect with your campers as well as provide you an opportunity to create ongoing revenue for your camp during the camp season as well as throughout the year. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions to our experts that cover camps, programming, and content.

Meet Our Presenters

Bob Budah

Extreme STEAM Science Kids

Bob grew up at Park Shore Country Day Camp, has over 50 years in the camp industry, and was the first camp owner to train at Walt Disney World. That experience enabled him to create Disney Dynamics in camping.  His quest for keeping Park Shore on the cutting edge inspired him to start Extreme STEAM Science Kids in 2011. ESSK is a summer science camp that specializes in providing “campified” on-site and virtual robotics programs to camps and campers. ESSK creates camp programs that are fun AND infused with 21st-century skill development of critical thinking, collaborative teamwork, creativity, and adaptability. ESSK’s latest venture is a partnership with Wonder Workshop. Utilizing Dash’s Neighborhood, ESSK will bring virtual robotics experiences to camps and campers across the country. Campers will learn, stay connected, and collaborate in an exciting camp atmosphere. They won’t miss a beat of fun, education, and entertainment – just like in camp!

Jennifer Rodriguez

ESSK Education and Training Squad Leader

Jennifer is a certified teacher and currently teaching Middle School, Advanced English Language Arts. She is passionate about education on all levels and believes it to be the foundation of all successes in life. She grew up in the camping world and sequenced through the many different positions a person can have while working at a camp.  She remembers waiting all school year just to pass by so she could be back at camp enjoying the many fun and diverse things there was to do. She believes that being part of the ESSK team is combining the benefit of Robotics with the FUN of camp. She looks forward to working with this team in creating fun virtual robotic programs that will engage and enhance the lives of families around the world.

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