Wacky Flyers!

Activity Two


What can we as engineers make with everyday materials?

Let’s create a flyer using supplies found around the house!

By the end of this activity, and some parental assistance, you will have a capable flyer that stands out from your usual paper airplanes.


In this activity, you will construct a flying hoop out of craft items.

When the hoop flyers are built, test them by launching your flyer from different heights. Compare the different distances your flyer traveled from the different heights they were launched from.


  • Straws
  • Scissors
  • Construction Paper
  • Tape


Step 1

Cut a width-wide and a length-wide strip of construction paper 

Step 2

Tape ends of the short and long strips into circles

Step 3

Position the strips at each end of the straw

Step 4

Tape the strips down to the ends of the straw


Add more straws for stability


Click here to download reflection sheet