Paper Bridges!

Activity Three


What can we as engineers make with everyday materials?

Let’s create a bridge using supplies found around the house!

By the end of this activity, and some parental assistance, you will have a bridge that can suspend a handful of rocks, or allow small cars to pass through.


In this activity, you will construct a working bridge out of household items.  Once your bridge is completed test it by supporting different objects on the bridge.  

What other things can this bridge hold?

What other types of bridges can we build with paper? What can it hold?


  • Construction Paper
  • Blocks
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Ruler


Step 1

Cut two sheets of construction paper in half, and then those halves in half

Step 2

Fold the longest piece in thirds

Step 3

Stack two blocks of any kind in front of the second-longest piece of paper, and cover the blocks with the shortest, taping them together

Step 4

Lay the folded sheet on top and tape it


Click here to download reflection sheet