Stacking Challenge!

Activity Four


What can we as engineers make with everyday materials?

Let’s create a platform so we can reach high places!

By the end of this activity, and some parental assistance, you will have a platform that can hold enough the weight of several books, or even you.


In this activity, you will construct a working platform out of household items that can sustain the weight of one book and then several books or other objects you chose to use that fit onto your structure.  Once you use books for your test you can CAREFULLY check to see if it can hold your weight. 

Be sure a parent is present at all times, especially as the structure gets taller and you step onto it!!!


  • Cardboard
  • Paper or Plastic Cups
  • Scissors
  • Tape Measure
  • Scale
  • Optional: Spare hardcover books


Step 1

Cut cardboard into squares that are 12×12 inches

Step 2

Tape the cups to the cardboard piece with a cup in each corner and in the middle

Step 3

Repeat steps 1 & 2 as you make your structure get taller. With each new level test the stability of your structure and how much weight it can hold.  Use books or other objects first and then test your own weight. 


Click here to download reflection sheet