Wall Maze!

Activity Six


What can we as engineers make with everyday materials?

Let’s create a marble maze obstacle course on the wall.

By the end of this activity, and some parental assistance, you will have a wacky marble maze that could extend from wall to wall!


In this activity, you will construct a marble maze by cutting up Toilet Paper and/or Paper Towel Rolls and any other cylindrical object and arrange them so they can be taped to a wall in a descending sequence.  Make sure they are close enough so that a marble will travel from one maze piece to the next until the marble comes out of the last piece.

How far can it go before the marble reaches the bottom? Your creation.  

You can also create a chain reaction on the floor which could be started when the marble hits an object on the floor which in turn hits the second object and so on until the last piece falls or makes something else happen!


  • Paper Towel/TP Rolls
  • Other cylindrical objects cut in half
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Marble or small ball


Step 1

Cut Toilet Paper or Paper Towel rolls or other cylindrical objects in half, repeat as many times as you want to create your wall maze.

Step 2

Cover the cut sections with tape, so it covers the round section and over the gap, leaving some tape on each section.

Step 3a

Tape each section to the wall in descending order from top to bottom.  It is up to you as to where you want to start your maze and where it will end.  Will it just keep on rolling or will there be some drops to the next level of the maze?

Step 3b

Or try this option!


Click here to download reflection sheet