Fleming Island Virtual Robotics with Ms. Stacey

Virtual Robotics Classes For Children Ages 6-11
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Join our session and find out about our virtual STEM Programs and exciting Community of learning opportunities.  Hear from our CEO and curriculum director while they share the endless benefits of enrolling your child in these programs. Our virtual robotics and engineering programs are both engaging and educational and offer opportunities for 21st-century skill development of Critical Thinking, Collaborative Teamwork, Creativity, and Adaptability.

You will have the opportunity to see a live demonstration of our programs, see a sample lesson, and have the chance to ask questions of our experts.

Our Virtual Robotics Classes are infused with fun while learning how to use coding to make a virtual robot move through a 3D environment. Our curriculum was designed by certified educators who have years of experience in a classroom setting as well as with the engagement of children. Our program offers opportunities for differentiation in addition to students being supported by our certified instructors.

The ESSK V-Program, featuring Dash’s Neighborhood by Wonder Workshop, is an online virtual robotics program that will provide endless opportunities for exploration on a virtual simulator.

We are also going to raffle away a free session to one lucky family. We look forward to seeing you!

The Best Online Program For Learning and Fun!

All Live Instruction and Collaboration In Small Groups.

All You Need Is a Chrome Browser!

The ESSK Virtual Robotics Program 

New class coming in January!

  • 3-Week Program
  • $195
  • For Boys and Girls Ages 6-11
  • Cutting-Edge Virtual Robotics Class
  • Proprietary Expert Curriculum 
  • Talented Instructors
  • Live Instruction
  • Dynamic Programming
  • Hands-On Learning
  • Maximum Convenience
  • New Friends and Connections
  • Building Confidence

Fun Learning Atmosphere

Our Virtual Robotics Classes aren’t just about learning. The ESSK V-Class Program was developed by Camp Professionals with over 50 years of experience who have created an engaging virtual environment peppered with fun activities. Each day’s activities will promote learning as well as collaboration, friendship, and fun.

Learning And Fun Don’t End!

Learning and fun don’t end when class is over. Our ESSK  Squad has developed fun extension activities for the Dash Simulator in Dash’s Neighborhood as well as the Dash Robot. Practice and prototype at the ESSK V-Class as well as test and collaborate hands-on.

Check out the ESSK Shop to purchase the Dash Robot and Accessories!

Success and Fun Starts With ESSK V-Class

ESSK V-Class is filled with experiential, hands-on learning, collaboration, excitement, and cutting-edge topics in Robotics fostering 21st-century skills. With a guaranteed max staff to camper ratio of 1:10 and live online instruction provided by our trusted, top-notch instructors, ESSK V-Class is the premier online tech experience for children ages 6 to 11. If you’re a tech enthusiast, you belong here. 

Dash Home Learning Bundle (Optional – Not Required For Class)

Save 20% off when you register for one of our classes! You will receive the coupon code after registration. Coupon code must be applied at the time of purchase.

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