Ambassador Program

ESSK Together With Girl Scouts

Leadership In Tech

Leadership Opportunity for Girl Scout Ambassadors

One of the greatest qualities of high-achieving students is that they are often natural leaders amongst their peers. Such students are constantly looking for opportunities to contribute and give back while maturing into young adults. 

ESSK together with the Girl Scouts offers a wonderful leadership program to facilitate those goals and help the girls gain as much experience leading the way as possible. Our leadership program is for all Girl Scout Ambassadors. With the Ambassador program, we offer opportunities for high achieving girls to enhance their leadership skills which will add to their future success.

If you are a leader within your Girl Scout Council with a strong commitment to community service, the  Ambassador Program could be the perfect fit for you!

Ambassador Program

Girl Scout Ambassadors who qualify will be trained by a certified ESSK trainer on the curriculum as well as the use of the virtual simulator. In addition, the Ambassador will complete all of the necessary steps listed below to start the ESSK leadership program. Once they receive their certificate they will be on their way to running their own Virtual Robotic session for the younger Girl Scouts. Each Ambassador will receive a training mentor who will help them through the training and implementation process. They will work together in creating a solid platform for success. 

Criteria for the Ambassadors Program

 All criteria needs to be met for entrance into this program:

  • Written recommendation from a Girl Scout Council Representative
  • C or higher in all subjects at school
  • Engaging Personality
  • Leadership Characteristics
  • Responsible & Reliable
  • Access to a reliable computer

Ambassadors Next Steps

  • Fill out the application below
  • Complete an interview call with our Training Director
  • Once approved, complete the training modules on our website
  • Complete a follow-up call with our Training Director
  • Receive your completion certificate
  • When a session is full- start LEADING! 

Ambassador Application

Please fill out the form below and one of our ESSK Squad Members will be in touch!