The SnappyXO Invention Kit Curriculum Activities

Below is the 8 week Camp Program for Children Grades 1-9.

 These programs include schedules, curriculum, and activities to teach, inspire and excite your campers and students in a fun and educational format.

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The SnappyXO Curriculum is provided free of charge from SnappyXO. When you click on the links below, you will be leaving the ESSK website and will be redirected to the SnappyXO website.

Intro Lesson: Getting Started

Introduce SnappyXO Design system and its snap fit connectors.

Lesson One: The Design Process

Students will be introduced to the Engineering Design Process.

Lesson 2: Simple Machines Part 1

In this lesson, students will be introduced to simple machines.

Lesson 3: Simple Machines Part 2

Students will build on their foundation knowledge of simple machines to create prototypes.

Lesson 4: Not So Simple Machines

Students will learn to create more advanced contraptions.

Lesson 5: Not So Simple Machines Part 2

Students learn to create a practical mechanism for a real problem.

Lesson 6: Wheeled Wonders

Students will learn to use a simple machine wheel-axle in a moving vehicle.

Lesson 7 and 8: Motorized Motion

In this lesson, students learn about adding an electric motor to their designs.

Lessons 9 and 10: Robo Walkers

In this lesson, students will create their first walking robot based on a linkage mechanism.