Get Started With Your Dash Robot!

Lesson One


Why does robotics plays an important part in education? With a great emphasis being placed on science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics in our education system, robotics play an important part in motivating and exciting campers about these subjects. As children program a robot they are exposed to STEAM concepts as well as learning how the robot interacts with its environment. They learn about these concepts in a real-world application and are required to apply them over and over again. These hands-on, minds-on activities help campers understand how science and technology are useful in their world and make connections to careers they may not have considered.

The video below will teach you how to set up your Dash Robot and which free applications need to be loaded onto your compatible device.


Lesson Objective

  1. Open your Dash and learn about the Dash components
  2. Learn how to charge your Dash robot
  3. Learn How to turn your Dash robot on and off
  4. Learn how to download the 5 apps from your tablet or other compatible devices
  5. Learn how to update your apps and name your Dash Robot


  • Dash Robot
  • Device to run Dash
  • Lots of curiosity!